We are extending till Oct 23

Follow us into an immersive deep-sea experience
Ocean-Cube Exhibit
60 Grand St, New York, NY 10013
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This summer in NYC
- June 08 to October 23 -

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room #1

Coral Tunnel

Experience the poetic harmony of light and darkness from the soft coral hanging across the reef's surface. Navigate through the canopy of vibrant flowing strands as you meander past the shallow waters of the sea into deeper waters.

room #2

Net Guard

Net Guard is the border protecting you from polluted surface. Shining pensile buoys directs you to the core of the cube. Colorful waving fishnets firmly guard entire undersea living space. You won’t get hurt by other ferocious creature! Watch out, kids!

room #3

Jellyfish Station

Welcome to Jellyfish Station! Now, please select your transportation portals. Jellyfloat is the sightseeing tour bus; if you are a visitor, this would be a good choice. If you need to commute from home to work, then the whale is perfect for you, since it is the fastest way to travel under the sea!

room #4

Bubble Mall

Bubble Mall is the most popular place in the cube, because it has everything you want, including food, makeup, clothes, books, movies, etc. Each bubble in this room represents a brand and people can enter it for shopping. We know you will be crazy about it, but keep an eye on your credit card limit!

room #5

Recycle Bank

Sometimes, you just want to get rid of some bad memory. Welcome to the Recycle Bank of Memory, a place where you can exchange your memory to some more valuable things. Feel free to write down your nightmare and leave it to us. Hope you only remember life without polluted land!

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60 Grand St. New York City, NY 10013
Canal St Station at subway line: